About, Merle Pace

         I grew up in the country surrounded by forests, creeks and miles of fields. This was the perfect environment to dream and play in with my two sisters and the animals we grew up with. If we wanted something we had to learn to make it ourselves. We created art of all different kinds under the guidance of our resourceful  and patient Mother, Annie. I developed my own artistic style by working with different mediums and studying faces, animals and places. I try to express my imagination in my artwork because it always made everything seem more mysterious and magical while giving a break from the realities of everyday life. It continues to be this safe and wonderous world for me that I want to share with others.

I studied photography and printmaking while in college. At the Art Institute of San Miguel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I learned batik and textile dying techniques as well as silver-smithing. I also studied art history and archeology throughout Greece. I traveled in England studying the history of Theatre Design. While living in New England, I developed my own style of watercolour painting, learned bead weaving and other jewelry techniques. Later, through working with artifacts in museums, I developed my own technique for making life size mannequins which I modified to make my own unique dolls and sculpture.

All of my creations are inspired by my travels and my love of Folklore and history from around the world. I am also influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau movements. I draw upon the bold use of colour in South American countries.  I continue to be amazed by art and cultures from around the world. I like to mix all of these styles and eras to create pieces that are unique and hopefully provide a glimpse into other-worldly places and people.   I also love collecting vintage clothing, antiques and what others might consider "junk" to create costumes and little environments for my art where the different characters I create can live.  I live in a hundred year old home in the midwest with my four black cats Pascal, Tobias, Bijou and Glastonbury.

my four black cats "The Littles"

with my sweet Pascal